Clare & Ste's Gentle Caesarean


Clare & Ste were originally planning a homebirth, however when Clare reached 41+10 and induction of labour was offered she did her research and decided she was happy to continue waiting for labour to start by itself.  Midwives were very supportive of this decision and some extra scans were offered to check on the baby and the placenta.


Everything continued until Clare was 42+5 and one of the scans the fluid around the baby had dropped slightly.  Clare and Ste discussed their options and decided they no longer wanted to wait for labour to start by itself so they looked at induction of labour, but were not happy with that option and decided and planned caesarean was the best option.


Clare had done lots of research and knew there were various options available to her such as delaying cutting the cord, and immediate skin to skin.  However as all this happened on the Friday the first obstetrician she spoke to said they were not willing to support any of these options and Clare was beside herself in tears and feeling very upset, Clare spoke to her midwife and posted messages on Greater Manchester Homebirth Support and received lots of messages of support, and ideas for what to do.


So over the weekend, Clare & Ste took stock of their situation and by Monday morning their wonderful midwife had spoken to the other consultants and found one in their hospital who had experience of the 'Natural ' Caesarean at a previous London hospital. 


Clare and Ste were both over the moon and have very kindly given permission for their amazing pictures and story to be shared here to inspire and help other parents who may decided a caesarean is the best option for them...


Baby was born very healthy and the cord was left to pulsate for a full 5 minutes before being cut, and breastfeeding was established quickly

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