Golden Thread Breath

The Golden Thread Breath


You may want to begin your relaxation by creating a cosy space around you – this could be at home, in your car, or anywhere else that you find yourself with 5-10 minutes spare.



Perhaps you can to turn your phone off or to Do Not Disturb, and see if there are other ways to reduce disruptions – but life is not perfect and if you are disturbed it’s not the end of the world - half a relaxation is better than none at all.



Now what is the best way for you to relax further?  Do you have an essential oil, or scented candle you use each time you relax? If not maybe think about setting something up as a trigger to relaxation....


Are you able to lie down, and prop yourself with pillows, or settle into a yet more comfortable seated position, releasing your shoulders, and jaw, even yawning a couple of times sends a message to your brain that it’s time to relax.


Some people like to clench & unclench different parts of their bodies, starting with shoulders, moving down to hands, then legs and feet – do this now if it feels right for you, or just perhaps checking in that each and every part of you is releasing down with gravity, into the place you are sitting or lay.



As you practice this more and more, you’ll slip into a relaxed state so easily and effortlessly.


Gently now beginning to turn your awareness to your breath, just noticing how your breath flows effortlessly in and out…..  pause and watch for 10 breathes, noticing how some are shorter, and some deeper….



If your mind starts to wander off onto other thoughts, and whirl around, just gently bring your attention and focus back to your breathing – congratulating yourself that you noticed this wandering, and seeing each time as an opportunity to redirect attention.



Some people like to imagine their thoughts as clouds passing through the sky.. no need to get caught up in those thoughts as they, just like clouds continue to float on by.  This is your special time to spend replenishing your energy reserves.



And you can watch your breath now, perhaps taking a lovely deep breath in, noticing which parts of your abdomen and chest move, and how they sink back and relax with the breath out….  just watch the comings and goings of the breath now, relaxing just a little bit more with each breath out….



And after some time of this beautiful relaxing practice you may already be feeling more comfortable, more relaxed, and even more peaceful.   And to improve your experience yet further, in a moment I’m going to invite you to lengthen your exhalation, so that it’s just a little bit longer than your inhalation this is a wonderful way to maximise all these gorgeous feelings of comfort and relaxation in your body. 



So perhaps now just make a small gap between your lips, as if placing a sheet of tissue paper there – a gap so fine its almost invisible….  Continuing to take lovely deep breaths in through your nose, allowing each exhale to escape slowly through your softly parted lips – experiment with the size of this gap so that it feels comfortable to you, breathing in whenever it feels right, so that this pattern of breathing feels comfortable, smooth and nourishing.



Know that each breath in is bringing in energy, vitality and all the wonderful feelings and energies that you want for yourself and your baby.  Each of those breaths that slip out gradually may release some feeling, or emotion, or anything else that you no longer need, making space for more of the things you want.



You may even like to imagine that your breath is a beautiful string of golden thread, and as your breath gently slips out through your lips you can think about the sensation on your lips and how that beautiful golden thread is spinning out and away from your body and maybe looping around and you can hold your awareness at the end of the golden thread, on each breath in and carries on with each breath out.  So that any feeling or difficult situations you can think about this beautiful golden thread of breath carrying you forward through the moment, and into the next helping you to feel relaxed and comfortable. 



And you can continue with that breathing pattern as long as it feels comfortable for you. 



So when you feel ready you can gently let go of that breathing pattern slowly returning your breath to normal, and bringing your awareness back to the physical body and becoming aware of the sights and sounds around you, now slowly opening your eyes and bringing yourself back to full consciousness ready to continue with your day, or evening, or you may even like t use this breathings technique if you wake up at night. 


You don’t need to listen to me you can just slip into it, and practice whenever the mood takes you, and it is a wonderful way to help you get back to slip at night.




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