How Rasberry Leaf Tea can help you have a quicker birth


What is it?



Raspberry Leaf Tea (RLT) is a herbal remedy made by steeping the leaves from the Red Raspberry plant in hot water.   It contains the phytochemical fragarine which tones the uterus, decreasing the risk of postdates pregnancy, shortening the second (pushing) stage of labour, and reduce bleeding after the birth.


It contains easily absorbed organic iron, and tannin, which also strengthens and tones pelvic organs and teeth and gums.


Also Raspberry leaves are rich in vitamns A, C, B, E, Calcium, Manganese, and Magnesium.



Is it safe?



Every study undertaken has shown there are no safety concerns with this remedy.  However, in our safety conscious culture there are still warnings issued not to use if:


·         You are before 32 weeks pregnant


·         You have had a previous caesarean


·         Placenta previa


·         Previous quick labour



What is the evidence



There is limited scientific research into this remedy (there is no drug company making money from it to fund more studies!)


Some studies have shown a reduction in need for Artificial Rupture of Membranes, Forceps and Ventouse deliveries, reduced second (pushing) stage of labour.


You can hear / read a full review of the literature from the fantastic Evidence Based Birth. Link Below.



How to take it?



From 32 weeks drink 2-3 cups per day.  You may want to build up gradually starting at 1 cup to see if you notice any effects.  You can also take capsules although we do not know if these are as effective as the Tea itself.



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