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Having a baby can be a costly event - we want to do the best, and be prepared for those little undles of joy!  But beware, there are a million companies who know that your desire to be prepared equals ££££ in their pockets!!  Just look at the amount they spend on advertsing, the different events and show - and I guarantee you they are all out to make a quick buck and sell you thier latest and greatest product.


How do they do it?  Often by playing on your anxieties and fears, you'll hear a lot of talk about SAFETY / ESSENTIALS / DEVELOPMENT....  Well let me cut to the chase here - the ONLY things your baby really needs are LOVE / WARMTH / FOOD.


Often the products that claim to help, may actually undermine your confidence, and even your baby's development!!


The answer - save your money and buy directly from other parents.  With the money you save you can afford the fantastic, evidence based education and support from a source free from commercial interests!!  (Check out how Emma's Antenatal supports your families transition to parenthood HERE)


Check out this info from the AMAZING Mum2Mum Nearly New Sales here...

Buying secondhand baby goods

Everyone knows that having a baby can be incredibly expensive.  But with a bit of secondhand know-how you can save up to a whopping 90 per cent compared to buying new and secondhand doesn't mean second best..

The good news is you can get the best for your child without bankrupting yourself or blowing the family budget. With mum2mum market nearly new sales popping up all over the country it is easier than ever to be a savvy secondhand baby shopper.

Mum2mum market baby and children's nearly new markets are an Aladdin's cave of secondhand baby and children's bargains- there is always something new to discover
The best time to get started with secondhand baby shopping is when you are pregnant.  You should plan to visit several sales as you might not get everything in one go.  The first visit can be overwhelming when you see the huge range of secondhand baby clothes and equipment up for grabs.

Quite literally any product or equipment that is available new will be available secondhand. Choose  from bundles of babygros, cloth nappies or cot bedding at knock down prices. At a mum2mum market you can check the goods before you buy.  Most baby things have very little wear and much of it is virtually unused.


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