Emma’s tips for a relaxing & beautiful postnatal babymoon…


The term Babymoon was originally coined to describe the restful period after your baby arrives – a time for your new little family to get to know each other, bond, and for baby to get used to the world.



This ties in with the theory of the fourth trimester – the idea that human babies are born in a rather under-developed state when compared with our close cousins in the animal kingdom and need to be held close to a parents body for the first 3 months to support their physical and mental development (there’s very strong evidence that this practice is hugely beneficial for long term health and development)



So instead of rushing around to find a routine, get back to ‘normal’, or show off your gorgeous bundle of love – just take a breather – take some time out from life to pamper yourselves (after all your body has just been through some pretty awesome stuff & will need time and nourishment to begin healing properly).


Think staying in bed, having food brought to you, people to wash dishes and do your washing – hell bring the five star hotel treatment into the home.  Your main job is to nurture and feed your baby, whilst resting, and allowing your body to heal.



So here are my top tips for having a wonderfully restful and generally awesome babymoon….



Have the right support - Hire a postnatal doula – worth her weight in gold, she will support your family practically and emotionally, by cooking, tidying, be a listening ear, fielding phone calls, helping you to find other specialist support if necessary, helping with older children.  She will do whatever is needed to help your family enjoy those first few weeks together.



Cleaner – If you already have one, then book some extra hours, if not – then find one!! Try your local facebook sale & swap pages before going to a big company, chances are you’ll get a much more affordable rate and local people can be set up with insurance and come with recommendations too.



Stay Home - Your body has undergone some massive changes over the last 9 months, and it takes time to heal.  You may feel tired and sore from birth and still be coming to terms with things emotionally too – becoming a mother is no mean feat!!  If you feel the need to get out of the house for your sanity then take short walks, or trip to a supportive friend or relatives house are the best options, but no dashing around running errands, or anywhere you feel the need to put a face on or hold it together!!  Balance is the key and meeting your own needs both physical and emotional.



Good Food – Pre-set up online shopping or arrange ahead of time for someone to shop for you.  Hopefully you’ll have batch cooked lots of nutritious meals or arranged friends and relatives to drop off meals – if not try Abel and Cole homecooked ready meals, or something like Hello fresh where meals are planned & ingredients delivered (although even this takes time to prepare)  Try not to rely solely on takeaway food as this can affect your mood and energy levels over time.



Limit Visitors – While you are finding your feet with baby (and baby with you) it’s best to limit visitors – I recommend choosing a 2 hour window and make it clear you are not going to play hostess and make drinks for them – they can lend a hand and wash a few dishes while they are there. 


Make a handy sign for the door along the lines of ‘New Baby in the house, please do not knock or ring the bell as we may be sleeping’



The last thing you want is a constant stream of people in those early days – and your baby is very sensitive to sights, sounds, voices, smells – even if they are sleepy and quiet, they are taking everything in, and need time to get to know you – you can avoid a lot of that ‘unexplained’ crying by keeping the environment peaceful and relaxed throughout the day to avoid overstimulation.



Slings at the ready – This always has to be mentioned since I also run a Sling Library!  Baby’s are born NEEDING to be close to your body.  Their heart beats more regularly, they have better oxygen levels, temperature is more stable in skin to skin and they get to see your face, and feel safe secure and at ease.  There are loads of benefits for you too, but that’s another post!  Just PLEASE visit the library for advice BEFORE baby arrives so you can pop them in from day 1 – it will make all the other stuff such as feeding yourself so much easier!!



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