Jen's Positve Birth after Previous Caesarean


Miles was born on the 30th of March. I stayed at home until I was 3/4 cm. We were back at home within 24 hours of starting contractions.

It was a much more positive birth story than my first.

Oldham birth centre was brilliant... the midwives there really do make the difference. I knew I was taking a chance having the baby natural having decided not to take the c section offered. Alison knew I was worried about tearing again and she guided me really well through the pushing stage.

I had some paracetamol and codine in the early hours of the morning and used the gas an air during the pushing stage just to help with my breathing.

I used the techniques learnt from both the yoga and hypo birthing classes that I took. I used the tapes during labour which kept me focused. We had the power ballads on which the midwives enjoyed. My husband slept through most of it 😄 some things never change

Hopefully this helps some of you.

The major difference between the two births were:

I stayed active barring when I was in the pool for an hour or two. Where as at Tameside I spent most of the labour on a bed waiting for an epidural that didn’t come until I was 9-10cms. Moving around kept the contractions coming and helped with the pain.


Both midwives I had were experienced and I felt comfortable with them at Oldham. If you don’t feel comfortable say something. The midwife at Tameside had to go out of the room to ask advise at every stage which doesn’t give you any confidence when it’s your first time. She didn’t help me properly through the pushing stage which was a problem because I couldn’t feel anything. Without the epidural your body knows what to do when to push when to stop. The midwife is really important. You don’t see much of them during the contractions stage take things to keep you occupied. I took the checks they offered it helped to know I was progressing.


Breathing techniques and a bit of positive mental attitude - you can do it. Don’t allow yourself to panic... I nearly did when it come for the pushing stage everything happened at once my waters went and he came out very quickly within 20 minutes. At that point I was wishing I had taken some pain relief but it’s over in a flash.


Surrounding - the idea of the birthing centre really does work. There are no bright lights doctors and machines which can make you system race. It was all very relaxed and calming. The pool is a good change.. I didn’t have baby in the pool which at the time I was disappointed with but it all happened very quickly. Looking back I am glad really as it allowed the midwife to bring the baby out controlled.

One more point if your stressing about something tell the midwife don’t be embarrassed. I was stressed about not being able to go to the toilet. When the midwife checked me at the beginning somehow she could tell. I tried all the way through labour but couldn’t. By the time I spoke to them they gave me something as it often happens but it was about five minutes before baby decided to come.It was something I didn’t need to stress about I should have just told them.

It will be over before you know it and all worth it regardless of what kind of birth you have when you have a beautiful baby placed into your arms. Keep focused on that.... I told myself many times during labour.... keep focused your going to have a beautiful baby boy it’s all worth it.. it did work.

Hope this helps a little And Good luck everyone.


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