5 weeks pregnant

Welcome to pregnancy -  Your baby is around the size of a sesame seed!!



While lots of amazing work is going on inside your body, you’ll also be starting to experience symptoms on the outside such as sore boobs, nausea, needing to pee all the time and extreme fatigue – all down to those amazing hormones coursing through your body - oh the joy!



In fitting with our long held tradition of keeping that stiff upper lip, many couples decide to keep their pregnancy hidden from friends, family and work colleagues ‘just in case’ – however, if the worst does happen, you’ll need all the emotional support and understanding you can get, so I would urge you to consider sharing your news sooner rather than later.


So whether your pregnancy was long awaited, or came as a surprise you may be starting to think about your lifestyle and diet.  Thinking about what you put into your body is a good idea now, and replacing some less healthy habits (caffeine / fags / booze) will certainly help you to feel much better in, and about yourself.



Having said that you may be struggling to muster the energy for anything at all let alone just keeping anything substantial in your system, so go with the flow, do what you can, listen to your body and begin to bond with your baby. 


If you already exercise regularly it’s totally fine to carry on at this stage.  If you’d like to start something new – it’s best to wait until around 14 weeks once all your early pregnancy symptoms have subsided and you start to feel a little more energetic 😊



For now have a watch of the Baby Centre video below and listen to my special early pregnancy relaxation practice x


Oh and beware of all those big corporations trying to win your trust with their baby information – you are worth a fortune to them!!  (Hey even I would like you to come to my classes at some point!)

But here is the fantastic Baby Buddy App – built using Lottery Funding – all information is completely impartial and totally factual and trustworthy I promise!


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