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My first child is now a teenager, during his birth I ended up with everything I didn't want, and felt that decisions were out of my control.   It was not a nice experience and when I got pregnant this time, my partner Andrew suggested I went to pregnancy yoga.


I found Emma's class in Oldham and began when I was around 18 weeks.  We decided to book the Antenatal Signature course which included hypnobirthing when I was around 25 weeks pregnant to give us plenty of time to learn the techniques and get into the right mindset.


It was brilliant because Emma sent us away with recordings and lots of practical and useful ways to prepare. We had chance to discuss our own birth plans personally and explore options. We both came away feeling much more confident and relaxed and I even began to consider a home birth, which we eventually settled on!


The Birth


I got up at 4am on Monday morning after being kept awake by contractions around 30 mins apart. I spent the  day split between using the different positions and movements learnt at yoga and using the relaxation and breathing from class.


Actually managed to sleep between contractions using the breathing and counting down, I found I did prefer to count myself down. At one point I did get a bit panicked by the pain but Andrew started to count me down telling me to breath and I got back into my breath (if that makes sense).


Was 8cm around 7.30 and waters broke baby was back to back and I can't say it wasn't pain because it was in my back and down my thighs. Had to wait 30 mins until midwife was confident there was no meconium in my waters before getting into the pool.


Midwife did comment that she was shocked by how I was moving around and sometimes talking through contractions. The midwives were great and said they wouldn't tell me to push just allow me to breath baby down as my body and breath seemed to be doing it's job perfectly. I changed positions a few times from being sat kneeling and squatting, using the breathing and gas and air.


At the times I was panicking and especially when I got to the point I was saying I couldn't do It, Andrew was amazing and kept reminding me I could and that I just needed to breath.


It did get to the point where I had to push as babies head had been half out for quite some time without moving further, though due to the breathing and counting anything back in down babies heartbeat was fine so midwives said as long as baby was fine they'd leave me alone to carry on.


Hallie was born from a half standing half squatting position at 10.54pm. I only needed 3 stitches actually from a tear on my labia which surprised the midwives considering my previous episiotomy and the amount of time babies head was half

out for.


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