Late Pregnancy

Late Pregnancy · 22. March 2018
This article is all about writing your birth story and how it can help you to process events during birth.
Late Pregnancy · 25. January 2018
In this vlog and article you will learn how to avoid tears and episiotomy, and how, when and why to do perineal massage.
Late Pregnancy · 20. January 2018
In this article you will find out how drinking Raspberry Leaf Tea can assist your labour, safety advice, and how and when to use it.
Late Pregnancy · 18. January 2018
(Optimum Foetal Positioning) All babies are different and trusting your baby’s ability to choose their own correct position is paramount. However due to the nature of our modern lifestyle, ways of sitting and being - many babies aren’t able to position themselves optimally. What is the optimum position? When baby’s back is curled into your bump, and their chin is tucked in to chest. This means the smallest part of their head fits into your pelvis, without the lumbar curve of your back...
Late Pregnancy · 12. January 2018
In this article you will learn how & why using affirmations throughout pregnancy can improve your mindset before, during and after birth.

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