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With many years experience in preparing you and your partner for a calm and empowered experience of birth and early parenting, you are in safe hands here at Emma's Antenatal.


At each stage of pregnancy we can support you in creating a healthier, calmer and more comfortable, enjoyable experience at this special for both you and your partner.


Most women begin their journey with us by joining a Pregnancy Yoga class, and learning the principles of relaxation, gentle movements, and ways to maximise their own comfort during pregnancy.  So whether you have any particular pregnancy ailments such as Pelvic Girdle Pain, Restless Legs, Lower Back Ache, we are sure to support you in finding comfortable and supportive measures to improve your quality of life!


Once you are familiar with our techniques you may want to bring your partner on board at our Couples Birth Workshop, learning massage, acupressure and many other techniques proven to keep birth quicker, safer, and more enjoyable.    This is also a wonderful way to develop your relationship, and intimacy at a time when some couples find physical intimacy more of a challenge!!


We also offer a Birth Options class, giving you chance to explore and discuss the medical side of birth, such as pharmaceutical pain relief, the how's & why's of monitoring, and decisions which may arise over the course of labour and birth. 


Our Beyond Birth Workshop, offers you and your partner the chance to come together to discuss and learn with other couples what it is that babies really need when they enter this world and how to get your family life off to the very best start.    We know from experience that this is a challenging time in most relationships, so taking the time to discuss your parenting strategies beforehand, with input on the safest and most beneficial


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