Hypnosis in Birth

Many people are now using hypnosis during the birth of their baby to stay calm and in control.  It is even being taught by midwives through the NHS, and is widely recognised as a very effective way to maximise your comfort during the birth of your baby.


Self hypnosis is when a person is able to direct their awareness to something such as their breathing to enable them to stay relaxed and calm.  They may be aware of everything going on around them, and can take themselves into and out of this deeply relaxed state at will.


These skills can be used regardless of whether you are planning to use medical interventions such as caesarean, epidural, or need close monitoring during birth.


The skills of mindfullness, hypnosis, relaxation, visualisation are intergrated with useful movements and taught across all of Emma's Antenatal Classes, including Signature Couples Courses, Pregnancy and Postnatal Yoga.  We are here to help you find the tools that work for you.


We also teach the basics of birth, such as hormones, progress of labour, anchors, and informed decision making during our courses and weekly sessions.


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