One to One Sessions


The birth of your baby is such a special event, if you would prefer to work with me individually I can tailor a package specifically to yours and your partner's needs.


These can take place anywhere within 50 mile radius of Manchester, or further afield via Skype.


You get all the benefits of a group session, with class handouts, free access to my library of birth & parenting books, 1:1 Tuition, ongoing support & guidance from me, specific to your situation and aims.


You can choose a 10 hour course to be taught over 2 or 4 sessions, which will include everything you need from birth plans, active birth & relaxation techniques, interventions, induction of labour, caesarean birth, to nappy changing, bonding with your baby, breast or bottle feeding, night time parenting, and slings.

(and/or anything else you would like to discuss)


However if you've been doing your own birth preparation, or  hypnobirthing course, you may prefer a shorter time with me to consolidate learning, or focus on one particular aspect such as:

  • Induction of labour - what to expect and tips for starting naturally
  • Turning a breech baby
  • Caesarean Birth - the natural approach & what options do you still have
  • Bonding with baby - 4th Trimester
  • Baby handling - bathing / nappy changing / slings
  • Breast or bottle feeding


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