Active Birth


Having a straightforward birth has many benefits for both mother and baby and there are a number of ways you can maximise your chances of this happening.


Using upright and forward leaning positions before and during labour has been proven many times over to speed the process up and make you much more comfortble throughout.   Both you and your partner staying calm, feeling relaxed and having another woman you trust there for emotional support will also speed things up and help the birth to go smoothly.


Throughout the course we will take you through each stage of labour to show you how and why different positions may be useful giving you chance to practice and see which work for you - but most of all instilling you with the trust in your own body - knowing how to listen to your instinct which is the post powerful tool of all.


Your partner will be an integeral part of the proccess, throughout the course they will learn how their role is key.  Together you will practice:

  • Massage to support deep breathing
  • Acupressure to speed up labour & ease sensations
  • Hands on and hands off techniques to support your breathing
  • What to do if labour stalls
  • Proven techniques to help baby rotate & move down
  • How to stay calm if things don't go to plan.

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