Beyond Birth

Understanding your baby is key to enjoying your first few weeks together as a family, preparing for the practicalities means less stress and more bonding can take place - boosting brain development and giving you all the very best start.


Around 40% of your course will be dedicated to Beyond the Birth, this element will equip you with all the information and skills necessary to understand and meet your newborn's cues, needs, and behaviours.


Not only have we been parents ourself we can share the very latest in brain science, developmental psychology, and other research to inform your parenting journey right from the start. 


There are so many baby 'experts' who claim to have a secret formula for sleep, or development.  We don't claim any magic, or tell you how to parent, we share with you concete information on how to survive those all important first 6 weeks at home helping your new family to thrive as your baby transitions from womb to world.

Taught in collaberation with local baby feeing counsellor, this element will include:
  • Normal sleep cycles & how to maximise YOUR sleep!
  • Safe sleep & safe co-sleeping
  • New-born development - language, communication & physical
  • Practical baby handling skills  
  • Slings and baby carriers
  • Moods and emotions in new parents
  • What help and support is available


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