Decision Making


There are so many options available around the birth of your baby - some you will be aware of, others you may not!  We will have time to look into many of them beforehand such as pain relief options, where you would like to be for the birth, how to deliver the placenta, and more!


However things do not always go to plan and you may be required to make decisions whilst in labour.  This is not ideal as decision making stimuates your brain in a way that reduces your comfort levels and hinders the progress you have made using relaxation techniques.


Medical professionals all have different ways of managing labour - some in a more hands on and directive way using interventions and drugs, and others favour expectant management (watching and waiting) and listening to how the woman feels.  Decision making should be a team effort although you and your partner have the final say, and there is rarely one right or wrong way.


It is important to have discussions beforehand to find out which method your team favour and choosing a team that most closely match how you feel, and how you would like to be treated.  Emma's Antenatal Signature course will equip you with information on your legal rights plus important assertiveness and shared decision making skills, to help you to keep ownership of your body, and baby's birth, enabling you to start your life as a family feeling supported, empowered and confident.



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