Feeding Your Baby


How to feed your baby and know they are getting enough can be one of the most fraught experiences for new parents.  However you plan to feed your baby - things can change and problems can arise.


There is a myrad of information on the internet - with many, many multinational companies wanting to make a quick buck from your anxiety by selling you the latest and greatest product - many of which may undermine your original choices without you even realising it!


We are here to cut through all the jargon, and whether your preference is breast or bottle, we know you want the very latest and best information and support in thise decisions.


Our baby feeding counsellor, Rosie Greenwood has years of experience in supporting families through the early (and later) days of baby feeding.  Our experience tells us that well informed parents have the smoothest, most relaxed experiences.  As part of this session you will cover:

  • Facts and Myth Busting about infant feeding
  • How breastfeeding works.
  • Skin to Skin at birth - 'The Breast Crawl'
  • The Magical Hour
  • Latching baby on
  • Feeding cues for breast and bottle
  • Is my baby getting enough
  • What to do if it hurts
  • Dads/Partners and Breastfeeding

Partners are an integral part of this session, as their input is proven to be the biggest factor in meeting your own feeding goals - whether that is 6 weeks, 6 months, or well into toddlerhood.    Parents often wonder how so much time could be dedicated to just feeding a baby, but come away wishing there was time for another session!


Rosie is available for 1:1 support before and after the birth of your baby.


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